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Finding the right person for any relationship is important, and that includes business contacts as well as romantic commitments. It sometimes includes dealing with deception, lies, and broken promises. I know I wasted lots of time and energy back in my dating days!

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We learn a lot through dating, because it allows us to gain experience through trial and error. This search is similar to the process of finding the right business partner. As salespeople, we need to remember this. Our prospects spend a lot of time and energy researching, reading, testing, and trying to cut through the sales jargon to find the right solutions.

CUSP® Sales System: A Short Review

Our customers are looking for long-term commitments with companies that have a vested interest in their future success. They can do without the fast talk, shiny suits, and insincere charm.

Long-term relationships thrive on transparency and sustenance, not talk and flash. Most of us have relied on a friend or more recently, an online dating service to set us up with dating candidates. But that rarely works out at least, it never worked out for me. The same is true when it comes to prospecting new opportunities.

Let your personality shine through

Quit relying on your company to give you all your leads! The friend or manager who told you that it was about quantity over quality needs to get with the times. They want to be treated as if they were the one and only.

Selling - It's Just Like Dating

Think of it this way: Match. If not, you might get rejected faster than the pick-up artist on the street. The thing is, there is enough information out there about your buyers to help you understand who is a good fit and who is not before you pick up that phone. Social media has evolved into a paradise for buyers and sellers.

5 Sales Lessons from the Dating Pool - Marketo

Data and analytics from the social channels are even predicting the future of a buyer and seller relationship before it happens. Every sale starts with a social relationship in some form or another. The great thing is that the social ways you can start a new relationship have evolved. Now you can start with a tweet or retweet, a follow, a LinkedIn request, or a blog post comment. Social media provides many different ways to get the conversation started.

Terrible picture? No dice.

5 Ways Your Sales Skills Will Help You Succeed In The Dating World

Smiling helps in this regard. After you identify a lead, the next step is to see what connections you have in common, and then think about how you could leverage those. To illustrate, in the world of online dating, response rates improve dramatically when two people have a mutual friend on Facebook. The same is true when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn. So anyway, let me tell you about my business While that is better than nothing, the more thought you put into personalizing your messaging for individual prospects, the better your outcomes will be. Maybe they have experience or knowledge that interests you.

Demonstrate that you think they have something of value to offer you, other than their money. I would love to hear more about your experience to find out if there are ways we might benefit each other. After four months of lead generation for one of our clients, we generated 51 very high-quality leads for him by using a similar message that simply incorporated some of the personal information we found about his prospects on LinkedIn. One of the best things you can do is to find some past business experience or problem that a prospect has had, relate it to an experience of your own, and then ask a question about it.

This technique not only helps you to establish a personal connection, but it also keeps the conversation professional. Another way to develop a relationship with prospects on LinkedIn is to ask them to participate in interviews. Conversations like this provide a natural way to open doors and build relationships. Whenever you can offer a prospect something of real value upfront, he or she will be much more inclined to pay attention when the time for you to tell them about your product or service finally arrives.

Don't Strike Out With Prospects

Whenever you get a positive response to a prospecting message on LinkedIn, view it as an opportunity to start building a relationship. The Rules of Engagement Relationship building, regardless of your motives, usually follows a set of unspoken rules. Choose a picture that would attract your audience.