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Hurt in hospital waiting room

My remarks increasingly touched upon him in one way or another. Long before starting a family or even seriously considering marriage, I had decided never to pass on what I had seen my abusive, alcoholic father do. Now, as I recalled making that commitment, it was obvious I had disregarded it many times. About two months into the process, my therapist suggested one way to get my anger out and reconcile my feelings toward Dad.

And it was a project! If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. When finished, I hoped to better understand myself and, hopefully, my father. Today is April I will most likely never send this letter to you.

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It deals with my childhood, growing up in our home. I have many regrets from those years, and one of them is having few memories of really happy, secure times in our family. The memories I recall are mostly ones of fright, anxiety, and sometimes even terror. I want to let go of the past that has haunted me all my life. Years ago, I thought I had forgiven you. But the baggage remains. So, Dad, here goes.

This is going to be painful for me. You may not remember much of it. Maybe some long-buried memories will come back as I write this. Maybe not. The journey took more than three months and almost 24, words. I prayed for the Spirit of the Lord to bless me so that this experience would turn to my good. I saw that words can hurt just as much as the back of a hand or a leather belt. It was the words my father shouted at me that affected me the most and became the hated habit I was passing on to my own children.

The letter began with me pointing finger after accusing finger; my writing sometimes barely kept up with my emotions as I recalled nightmarish incidents of physical and mental abuse. I still felt guilt as I recalled the slaps, shouts, and cries heard outside my closed bedroom door. Inside my room, I listened, wanting to do something but too terrified to move, conditioned not to get involved. I wrote of my wish that a favorite uncle could have been my father instead of the man who sat at the kitchen table with his ever-present wine bottle and glass, oblivious to the needs of his family.

waiting room

I summed up a particularly difficult entry noting that all the little boy inside me wanted was a regular dad, a dad who loved him. Each week through my prayers and in my discussions with the therapist, the letter helped supply insights and direction. Through the Spirit, I began to see a different side of my father. I accepted the probability that Dad, without realizing it, had passed on to me what he had learned from his father.

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And finally, I understood that Dad had probably done the best he could with what he had. The Spirit brought me insight after insight. Skip to content Can We Help? Home Premises Liability Claims Hurt in hospital waiting room…. The impact opened two cuts near his eyebrow. Find out now with a FREE case review from an attorney…. When did the incident occur? Was the accident your fault or were you issued a ticket for the accident? Yes No. Were you Physically Injured? Do I Qualify? Is an attorney helping you with your claim, or have you already received compensation?

Describe the incident and your injuries:. Go to Last Step. Your Name:.

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Phone Number:. Street Address:. Zip Code:. Get Your Evaluation! Formerly occupied by a women's health clinic, the 3,square-foot space had not been renovated in 15 years. It had squat seven-foot ceilings and a tiny waiting room devoid of windows, which only the private offices enjoyed. Although a goal of the center was to stay small enough to provide hand-holding, the area was not big enough to comfortably accommodate the new center's doctors and other staff members -- 17 on site and 30 floating specialists -- as well as volumes of paper charts and a multipurpose waiting room triple the size of the old one.

After some debate, all but one doctor agreed to switch to electronic medical records, saving huge amounts of room. Pochapin said. That space-saving move allowed planning to proceed on a new-generation waiting area, called an "education center.

Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

Waiting should "be more active," she said. This design seeks to allow people to continue with everyday activities or to learn more about their medical condition. Another goal, she said, was for the center to look like "the product of human intention" rather than an institution.

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Nearly every aspect of the center seems to have been considered from a patient's viewpoint, with the aim of blunting the tension-inducing cues of a typical doctor's office. A curved maple reception desk greets patients. Glass tiles in a soothing aqua palette fill the area below the counter, while swirls of pearlescent purplish-blue paint glimmer softly on the wall behind.

Nearby, partitions of gouged white fiberboard, resembling the rippled surface of a cave, invite tactile exploration. The usual doctor's-office cacophony of ringing phones, scheduling and message taking is absent: secretaries are grouped elsewhere in a private soundproofed office, while noise from a small checkout alcove loses its way inside a short passage connecting the area to the reception desk.

The adjacent waiting area, hugely expanded from a cramped rectangle into a spacious serpentine shape, incorporates two walls of windows. Its modern club chairs, in inviting fabrics and bright, strong colors, are not yoked together in the depersonalizing bus-station style.

Instead, they are scattered in conversational groupings that can be easily rearranged. Bamboo floors provide visual warmth -- and can be cleaned with soap and water, so antiseptic-smelling cleansers are no longer required. There are no signs prohibiting eating, drinking or talking on cellphones -- all are permitted -- and patients can do research or check their e-mail on five iMac computers glowing atop sleek maple-and-walnut counters. Two walls of video screens, donated by General Electric, play educational videos or lighter fare like "I Love Lucy.

The low ceiling was raised by a couple of inches after being stripped to its structural steel.