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  1. My Good Food
  2. 16 Caribbean-inspired restaurants to try this weekend | Foodism
  3. How to Create Caribbean Inspired Recipes
  4. About Food and Identity in the Caribbean
  5. Uncovering the Roots of Caribbean Cooking

Dancing on a school night? Go on then. Mama's Jerk specialises in serving Caribbean cuisine that tastes of home, food that's — and whisper this quietly now — probably even better than the stuff your mama used to make. Her legacy lives on through the ace display of punchy biryardis jerk seasoned biryanis and wraps you can get at any of Mama's Jerk joints in London.

The delicious devil of it all is in the details. They're the bomb.

My Good Food

Ma Petite Jamaica is a little slice of Jamaica in Camden Town: a scotch bonnet safe space where you can stuff yourself silly with stone cold classics like fish escovitch with grilled vegetables and fried cassava or jerk red snapper from the jerk pot. Get a sharing platter all to yourself if you're feeling especially hungry.

Daily happy hour from pm ensures your rum consumption will be up there with the very best of them. Caribbean restaurants in London don't get realer than this.

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Opened in , Ochi Caribbean Takeaway has been a central part of the Shepherd's Bush Afro-Caribbean community for over two decades now. Plump festivals and dumplings are a gorgeous, golden hue and a waft of redolent curry spices greet you as soon as you walk through the doors. Order a portion of curry goat with rice and peas and you won't just get a glop of indiscernible meat and sauce.


You'll get beautifully pink meat that sprints off the bone to swim in a thick, rich and moreish pool of gravy. Almost never seen without an anaconda-esque queue snaking around its audibly soulful sizzle, Borough Market 's Soul Food is a popular lunchtime spot with locals and tourists alike.

16 Caribbean-inspired restaurants to try this weekend | Foodism

The only problem, of course, is deciding what to order. Chicken pelau or a ham hock box? Grilled rump steak or seasoned prawn wrap? The soup of the day changes on a, well, daily basis. Especially when the food is this good.

Other essentials are the addictive bussup shut rotis. Reggie's is a family-run Trinidadian restaurant with a whole lot of heart. Thanks in no small part to the exuberant presence of head chef, Agnes. Everything cooked by Agnes, from her salt fish fritters to her channa roti, is packed with a spades of aromatic spice.

This isn't fast food: it's food made with care and affection. Not content with just nailing the classics, Reggie's underlines the fusion of different ethnic influences that makes Caribbean food so diverse and it's also one of the reasons Reggie's is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in London. Perhaps best epitomised by the presence of chicken chow mein on the menu right next to the pelau. Everything is fantastic value for money and a considerable bargain when you consider the quality on offer.

If you yearn for the sounds, smells and sunshine of carnival, make a trip to Cottons' Notting Hill branch. The group first opened its doors in Camden in , so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about creating utterly delicious Caribbean fare for the masses, and you won't leave disappointed.

Most of the cocktails are, quite obviously, rum based. So much so that the Notting Hill branch currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the bar with the most types of rum commercially available A lot of the meat plates at Cottons shines through though the most popular dish of all is the chaguanas dinner plate — chana dhal curry served with black eyed bean, chick pea and callaloo fritters, and plantain. John Godwin. Plates of fire pit fish and proper fried chicken are enough to leave you satisfied, though limiting yourself to just a small selection will have you suffering from food FOMO like no other.

How to Create Caribbean Inspired Recipes

Order a sharing punch to accompany your mates and meat to ensure that the good times keep on flowing. Island Social Club. Published: Monday 3rd June Guides. View on Instagram.

About Food and Identity in the Caribbean

A spread at Rudie's in Dalston. Jerk chicken at Rudie's in Dalston. Buster Mantis is a restaurant with an expertise in all things Caribbean. Mama's Jerk specialises in serving Caribbean cuisine that tastes of home. You will want to sip a cup of cocoa tea along with your bakes if you enjoy hot chocolate. This warm breakfast beverage is packed with flavor.

Uncovering the Roots of Caribbean Cooking

The taste is somewhat similar to spinach, making it ideal for soup. The creamy concoction often includes coconut milk and is a restaurant staple. These Indian-influenced wraps are filled with a curried meat or vegetable filling. Dowe provides a word of caution for first-timers: The meat preparations typically have bones, so be careful. No dish is more closely associated with Grenadian culture than oildown , a savory one-pot meal. The most essential ingredients are meat, coconut milk, turmeric, breadfruit, and callaloo.

If you think oildown sounds like a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you would be right. Oildown is a staple dish at any type of celebration. It brings together family. Known to some people as conch, lambi is usually served in a stew or curry in Grenada. The land crabs in Grenada taste similar to their sea-bound cousins.

Crab back is one particularly popular preparation. For this dish, the crab is mixed with spices, stuffed back into the cleaned shell, topped with breadcrumbs, and then baked. The dramatic presentation makes crab back a perfect dish for a fun night out. Though it can be as simple as seasoned chicken and rice; pigeon peas, corn, and carrots are also common ingredients. This vivid red beverage is a must during the holiday season, when sorrel flowers are in bloom. Recipes typically include a handful of spices and some type of sweetener to offset the tartness.

Dowe notes most versions contain alcohol as well. This dessert probably sounds appealing if you enjoy sweet potato pie.