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Some have supposed that Mac Bethad was the perpetrator. Malcolm, king of the Scots, submitted to him, and became his man, with two other kings, Mac Bethad and Iehmarc The Prophecy of Berchan is apparently alone in near contemporary sources in reporting a violent death, calling it a kinslaying. Far from being the aged King Duncan of Shakespeare's play, the real Donnchad was a young man in , and even at his death in his youthfulness is remarked upon. Perhaps due to his youth, Donnchad's early reign was unremarkable.

In , Strathclyde was attacked by the Northumbrians, and a retaliatory raid led by Donnchad against Durham in turned into a disaster.

macbeth mac Findlaech.

No resistance is known at this time, but it would be entirely normal if his reign were not universally accepted. Based on the author's beliefs as to whom Donnchad married, various places of exile, Northumbria and Orkney among them, have been proposed. However, the simplest solution is that offered long ago by E.

William Robertson: the safest place for Donnchad's widow and her children would be with her or Donnchad's kin and supporters in Atholl. Marianus Scotus tells how the king made a pilgrimage to Rome in , where, Marianus says, he gave money to the poor as if it were seed.


In , he found himself involved indirectly in the strife in the Kingdom of England between Godwin, Earl of Wessex and Edward the Confessor when he received a number of Norman exiles from England in his court, perhaps becoming the first king of Scots to introduce feudalism to Scotland. The campaign led to a bloody battle in which the Annals of Ulster report Scots and English dead, which can be taken as meaning very many on both sides, and one of Siward's sons and a son-in-law were among the dead. Birnie Kirk dates from the 12th century but stands on a much older site.

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