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The Caleb Chronicles

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Azubah, wife of Caleb

May 15, Courgar Chronicle Septemeber 11, Read more. Quick link. The last notice we have of Caleb is when being then eighty-five years of age he came to Joshua at the camp at Gilgal, after the people had gained possession of the land, and reminded him of the promise Moses had made to him, by virtue of which he claimed a certain portion of the land of Kirjath-arba as his inheritance Joshua ; ; ; 1 Samuel , 3 ; He is called a "Kenezite" in Joshua , This may simply mean "son of Kenez" Numbers Some, however, read "Jephunneh, the son of Kenez," who was a descendant of Hezron, the son of Pharez, a grandson of Judah 1 Chronicles This Caleb may possibly be identical with 2.

Caleb gave his name apparently to a part of the south country 1 Samuel of Judah, the district between Hebron and Carmel, which had been assigned to him. When he gave up the city of Hebron to the priests as a city of refuge, he retained possession of the surrounding country Joshua , 12 ; comp. One of the two survivors of the Israelites permitted to enter the land of promise Numbers ; Numbers ; Numbers ; Numbers ; Deuteronomy ; Joshua Brings favorable report Numbers ; Numbers Leader of the Israelites after Joshua's death Judges Inheritance of Joshua ; Joshua According to 1 Chronicles ,18,19,42,50 the son of Hezron the son of Pharez the son of Judah, and the father of Hur, and consequently grandfather of Caleb the spy.

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Son of Jephunneh, one of the twelve spies sent by Moses to Canaan. Numbers B.

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He and Oshea or Joshua the son of Nun were the only two of the whole number who encouraged the people to enter in boldly to the land and take possession of it. Fortyfive years afterwards Caleb came to Joshua and claimed possession of the land of the Anakim, Kirjath-arba or Hebron, and the neighboring hill country. Josh This was immediately granted to him, and the following chapter relates how he took possession of Hebron, driving out the three sons of Anak; and how he offered Achsah his daughter in marriage to whoever would take Kirjath-sepher, i.