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Definitions of globalization were categorized in four categories, including globalization, globalizing, globalization of higher education, and globalizing of higher education. Definitions about internationalization were categorized in five categories such as internationalization, internationalization of higher education, internationalization of the curriculum, internationalization of curriculum studies, and internationalization of curriculum profession. Conclusion: The spectrum of the globalization of higher education moves from dissonance and multipolarization to unification and single polarization of the world.

One end of the spectrum, which is unification and single polarization of the world, is interpreted as globalization. The other side of the spectrum, which is dissonance and multipolarization, is interpreted as globalizing. The definition of internalization is the same as that of globalizing. In other words, it is possible to say that internalization is similar to globalizing but different from globalization. Sabagian Z. Academic culture: A research framework in approaches and new visions in higher education. Tehran: Institute of Social and Cultural Studies; Gumport PJ, Sporn B.

International adaption: Demands for management reform and university administration. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research.

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New York: Agathon Press; An analysis on localization and internationalization of universities curriculum in the globalization era. Iran J Cult Res ; Building global learning experiences: A case study of a Hungarian, Ukrainian, and American educational partnership. High Educ Eur ; Hakimzadeh R. Globalization, internationalization of higher education and interdisciplinary curricula. Q J Interdiscip Stud Humanit ; Adapting to foreign markets: Explaining internationalization.

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Int Bus Rev ; Internationalization of higher education: Theoretical and empirical investigation of its influence on university institution rankings. Rev Univ Soc Conocimiento ; Knight J. Internationalization remodelled: Definition approaches, and rationales. J Stud Int Educ ; Mashhad, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad; May, Hosaynimoghadam M. Mahmoudi A, Abedi A. Mohamadaminzade L, Mohamadaminzade H. Babadi A, Mahdavishakib A. Fazeli A.

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Zakersalehi G, Salehi Najafabadi M. Suggesting strategies to attract foreign students in Iran. Iranian ofHigher Education ; Curriculum internationalization in Iran's higher education: A distant education perspective. Quarterly journal of new approach in education administration ;2: Interdiscip Stud Humanit ; J High Educ Curriculum Stud ; Comparative study of internationalization of higher education curricula in a number of countries.

Curriculum Planning knowledge and research in education sciences. Diba Vajari T.

Conceptualizing the internationalizing of curriculum in high education dimensions and procedures. A review of transnational education in Iran: Problems and prospects.

Khorasani A, Zamanimanesh H. This chapter attempts to summarize these trends and to offer thoughts on the changing identity of the tertiary university. The enormous and unprecedented, international, economic expansion that followed the Second World War transformed higher education from a luxury into a critical prerequisite for advanced nation-building.

EconPapers: Handbook on Globalization and Higher Education

In the postwar environment, governments expected, and indeed required, universities to contribute to economic progress, equality, democratization and the social betterment of the nation-state. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. Remember me? Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below.

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