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While Klimt's original composition is a perfect square, the popularity of the painting spurred countless reproductions on posters, postcards and various mementos. But these souvenirs regularly truncate the right and left sides of the painting to make for a more standard rectangle display. Klimt's use of gold calls back to the kinds of religious art found in churches.

Using gold leaf here to celebrate the earthly pleasures and sensuality of sexuality was considered by some profane. In , Austria released a commemorative Euro coin that had a etching of The Kiss on one side, and a portrait of Klimt at work in his studio on the other. Maybe it's the grand scale. Maybe it's the gold.

Wish You Could ‘Shazam’ a Piece of Art? With Magnus, You Can

While museum artworks are often accompanied by tidy little placards that tell you the basics—title, artist, year, medium, dimensions, etc. The New York Times reports that Magnus has a primarily crowdsourced database of more than 10 million art images. Though the idea of creating Shazam for art seems fairly straightforward, the execution has been relatively complex, partially because of the sheer quantity of art in the world. Resch also has to dodge copyright violations; he maintains that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act applies to his app, since the photos are taken and shared by users, but he still has had to remove some content.

Such was the case for Jelena Cohen, a Colgate-Palmolive brand manager who bought her first photograph with the help of Magnus. That helped me negotiate. The truth is that sometimes even art experts have trouble doing that, as evidenced by the long history of notorious art forgeries. From to , "The Far Side" presented a wonderfully irreverent universe in which hunters had much to fear from armed and verbose deer, cows possessed a rich internal life, scientific experiments often went awry, and irony became a central conceit.

In another strip, a woman is depicted looking nervously around a forest while cradling a vacuum cleaner.

The Kiss, 1922 by Man Ray

Worst of all, she knew that Nature abhorred a vacuum. He famously circulated a letter to "Far Side" fan sites asking them to stop posting the single-panel strips, writing that the idea of his work being found on random websites was bothersome. Many obliged Larson, though the strip could still be found here and there.

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In , he told The New York Times that going back to a strip was unlikely. Club ]. BY Kristy Puchko.

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  7. Klimt created his most famous work in a time of creative panic. The Kiss was bought before it was finished.

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    The Kiss 's sale broke records. That price turned out to be a bargain. The piece reflects a collision of artistic styles.

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    It's a prime example of Klimt's "Golden Period. The Kiss was a departure from a major Klimt theme. Klimt opened an independent studio in specializing in the painting of murals. He began to take on decorative commissions , such as elaborate murals and ceiling paintings for theaters and other public buildings. He was one of the founders of the school of painting known as the Vienna Secession , founded in by a group of painters concerned with, above all else, exploring the possibilities of art outside the confines of academic tradition.

    The style is known for its flat perspective, references to nature, and curved lines. Klimt remained with the Secession until It was in this paradoxical environment that pitted Victorian repression against freedom of expression that Klimt came of age. Soon he began to channel his reflections on desire, dreams, and mortality through lush, symbol-laden paintings.

    File:The Kiss - Gustav Klimt - Google Cultural ciabromopbrokla.tk - Wikimedia Commons

    Many of his paintings from this period included gold leaf. His painting The Kiss is thought to be an image of them as lovers.

    follow For Klimt the flatness of the mosaics and their lack of perspective and depth only enhanced their golden brilliance, and he started to make unprecedented use of gold and silver leaf in his own work. The painting depicts a couple embracing in a field of flowers.

    The man is bent over the woman, and she, clinging tightly to him, awaits his kiss. In terms of ornamentation, the male figure is characterized by square and rectangular forms , while for the female, soft lines and floral patterns are dominant. A golden halo surrounds the couple, who seem to have shaken off an earthly weight and have been transported into an infinite, almost sacred sphere. Klimt depicts the couple locked in intimacy, while the rest of the painting dissolves into shimmering, extravagant flat patterning.

    The patterning has clear ties to Art Nouveau and the organic forms of the Arts and Crafts movement. At the same time, the background evokes the conflict between two- and three-dimensionality intrinsic to the work of Degas and other modernists.