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In addition to broadcast and print media exposure in major markets across the country, the Pet Promise team visited countless dog parks to talk directly to pet parents about their mission and benefits of Pet Promise. They also hosted many book signings in natural retailers where Pet Promise was sold, with Whole Foods Market being one of their premiere stores. As part of the campaign we also utilized a pioneer of integrative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil, to bridge the audiences of pet lovers and natural health advocates, interviewing him with his two Rhodesian ridgeback dogs for media b-roll packages, as well as consumer and retailer promotional videos.


This was a first for Weil to license his name, likeness and publicly support a consumer product, another milestone led by Zolezzi. Pet Promise was also the first pet food company to sponsor Farm Aid, an annual concert run by Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews urging Americans to choose food from family farms.

The Pet Promise campaign was highly successful during its short run in the pet food industry and became a major chain agent in the natural pet food industry and beyond. Pet Promise was not affected by the recall, validating its promise of purity, and as a result, over the next several years, many major pet food companies examined their formulas to eliminate byproducts and meal ingredients from their own brands.

By year four , Pet Promise earned a No.

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By , Pet Promise had accomplished its goal of supporting more than 3, family farmers by offering them a premium price for their non-prime meat products, making the raising of natural livestock more economically feasible. As a result, many other natural pet food brands jockeyed hard to step into the big vacuum on pet food shelves and claim the Pet Promise mantle, but to no avail.

To date, Pet Promise remains the only pet food brand that paid a high premium for quality, natural and organic ingredients and privately manufactured the food to guarantee its purity claims.

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Ten years since the launch of Pet Promise, pet parents are still talking about Pet Promise and the promise of pure ingredients that has not been filled by another pet food company. While families between homes stay in comfortable church housing, they have the relief of knowing that their pets are in the safe and loving home of a volunteer foster. A PetSmart Charities grant helps make all of this possible.

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Darlena and her team put together a toolkit of what Family Promise of Wichita could do for pets and a set of guidelines for fosters. Many times we have to get them food, a bed, a few toys, and we can provide for all their needs right from the start. When families graduate from the program, each pet goes to their new home with a welcome gift of food and supplies. Darlena and her team feel fortunate to do this work.

Allen County SPCA Animal Shelter

Her family found a new home and graduated from our program, and it filled my heart to be able to bring her back to them. You might also like.

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Partner Spotlight: Guelph Humane Society. Partner Spotlight: Cat Tails.

How do you get the animals in your program?

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